EC47 Virtual Tour

Recently I made a virtual tour for the EC47 history site at Goodfellow Airforce Base. (link here)

The tour consists of panoramic images combined with zoomed shots of all the items and artifacts in the museum.

Mechanical Prostetic Right Hand

This was made for a friend I met via Reddit. It is a Raptor Reloaded design courtesy of E-Nable. The majority of the print is stock, but I made a few changes to make it fit better for their specific size and amputation.

 Hand in grip position.

Hand in grip position.

 Hand in resting position.

Hand in resting position.

 Hand in natural position

Hand in natural position

The motion of the hand is controlled by the users wrist. By bending the joints, the nylon tendons in the hand will tighten and close or open the fingers. The tension and position of each finger can be adjusted by the tuner in the back of the gauntlet.

Wall Mounted Headset Holder

This is a basic design I made so I can hold my wireless headsets on the wall instead of on my desk. It has an inset for holding the dongle of the headset as well. It takes 2 screws to secure the mount. Here is the link to the file if anyone wants to print one.

2015-09-21 15.11.49.jpg

Guild Wars Ascended Revolver

This was one of my first multi part prints. It turned out much nicer than I expected, but I think it is too fragile. The decorative flares that come off of the gun are way too small to be hollow like they are. The smaller ones were done in one part and created as test to see if the large one would print well. There were significant changes by the time I printed the final full scale version and the parts are all printed separately and the cylinder spins when force is applied.


Metal Gear Solid Anthology Case

This is a case made to hold 3 - 4 games, that is enough to hold all of the current canon metal gear games ( Legacy - Ground Zeroes - Phantom Pain) this is made to celebrate the release of "The Phantom Pain" and the end of Hideo Kojima's series.


This was printed using new filament from Verbatim, it is highly reflective so I needed to coat the case in flat grey paint so that the words could remain readable. This new filament is a great improvement over the Ultimaker brand filament, and comes in a wider array of colors than the Sain-Smart filament I have been using. I will likely use this new material for the majority of my prints going forward